Hello again. Today I will be reviewing the Micallef Reserva in Churchill. Since the last time we visited I’ve had a lot to be thankful for. While on patrol a guy ran a stop sign and hit my unit in the rear axle, causing me to flip a couple times down the highway. I miraculously walked away. So I’m sitting on my back porch looking at my horses, drinking coffee, and being grateful; not only for life but also thankful for the experience of good cigars during this Thanksgiving season. So with that being said let’s get to the review.IMG_0477[1]


      The Reserva is in Churchill size and has a very nice cedar like aroma with a hint of chocolate. It is not pungent. The cigar is firmly packed, but does give when squeezed. The seams are very tight and visible. The upper band has that very nice Micallef crest. It also says Nicaragua and Hand made. The band also has the Gomez Sanchez Family 1934 below to show the close friendship and collaboration of Micallef and the Gomez Sanchez family. The foot band is very ornate with gold and silver with the word RESERVA on it. I wonder if there is a message on the inside like on the previous cigar I reviewed. The Micallef website describes the cigar as ultra premium with 5 different tobaccos aged 8 years. Giving the smoker an aromatic draw of fruit and sweet peppers. I’m excited for this review. It has a 52 ring gauge and is advertised as medium to full strength. The binder is 8 year old San Andreas Habano, and the filler is 8 year old Dominican, Honduran and Peruvian.IMG_0479[1]IMG_0482[1]


     In the previous review I left the cigar in the coffin and it caused a tunneling issue. This cigar has been taken out of its coffin and allowed to rest in my humidor. On the removal of the foot band there is no hidden message which somewhat disappointed me but that’s life. Today I’m cutting the cigar with the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cuban Cutter. The cab cuts cleanly away from the shoulder and the draw is very nice. I can already pick up on some of the fruit flavors described. On toasting the foot I got a good smell of cedar and pepper. On initial drawing the draw requires little effort and the smoke output is very generous. The foot smoke is minimal but steady. I can taste the fruitiness on the front of the smoke with the pepper coming in at the back giving the cigar a long finish.



This cigar is very smooth and pleasant to smoke. The burn line almost perfect with the ash stacking like thin dimes. So far this is not a fast burning cigar so I recommend just sitting back and enjoying the experience. If I had to take a wild guess I would have to say the pepper reminds me of cayenne, but its hard to pick up due to how smooth it is. The aroma that surrounds you from the smoke is amazing. Every puffs releases not only a big plum of smoke but the foot smoke picks up and gently dies down till the next draw. Halfway into the first third and the ash has hung on for about an inch without tunneling issues yet. The pepper is becoming more pronounced also. In case you are wondering the coffee I’m pairing with this cigar is community dark roast that my grandmother started me on when I was 4 and ever since I don’t care for anything else. Maybe I can get our partner Mark to do an infusion with this one day. Toward the end of the first third the ash falls off in a good even chunk leaving the burn line still very even.



In the beginning of the second third I have to say this constint mixing of fruit and pepper is quit enjoyable. When you think one is over taking the other, the other jumps ahead. The cigar still has a long finish and the foot smoke is picking up slightly. At this point it still hasn’t had a real strength kick and is as smooth as the beginning . The burn line is starting to get a little uneven but I’m sure it will catch up. That cedar smell I was initially getting is gone, but I do detect a faint hardwood in the mix. To be honest this is one of the hardest ones I’ve had to describe due to mix of it all, but at the same time very enjoyable. I would also like to note that I believe it is making my coffee taste better. As I begin to approach the end of the second third I really begin to notice to detail of the band and how well constructed it is. The embossing on the band is of top quality and should be truly appreciated. The second third ash fell of in a nice chunk and the ash is still stacking like thin dimes nodding to the quality of the construction of the cigar.



In the beginning of the final third I would have to say the pepper is more pronounce and the strength is starting to pick up. The burn line is slightly uneven requiring a slight touch up but the ash is still performing nicely. The fruit taste is starting to take more of a back seat at this point but is still present. The finish is still long. After making it to this stage I have to admit that removing it from its coffin was a good idea. I have found I need to keep rotating the cigar to keep a good burn line which I usually do with any cigar of this size. I will also note that at no point during this review did I get that “standard tobacco” taste. On the band removal it comes away nicely but the ash did fall off and surprisingly there is the message I was hoping for with the shaking hands emblem. As is normal the pack is starting to get soft at this point and the strength is picking up a little. In getting toward the third the burn line is great and the ash is strong with nice stacking. I can still taste the peppers and fruit but the finish is shorter than before.



This cigar has been a pleasure to smoke down to the nub with it being a mix of fruit and pepper to the end. The strength never became strong enough to take away from the experience and I would gladly welcome this cigar again. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially when you have something in your life you want to celebrate. This has been my review of the Micallef Reserva in Churchill, I hope you have enjoyed it and happy smoking.


  1. Nice review and I just smoked one two nights ago. I also found it very flavorful. The one I just smoked was very soft and smoked very quickly. I had smoked one or two at the show in July and didn’t remember that problem. I will smoke more as I love the flavor profile and hope the soft roll was an anomaly.

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