Hello again, today I will be reviewing the Micallef Cigars Experienca La Crema which is the Churchill size of the Experienca line. There is not much that is more relaxing then a nice a cool morning, a good cup of coffee, a good cigar, and just knowing that everything is alright.

It’s close to Christmas, everyone is excited, and I took this morning to just decompress and enjoy the experience of being relaxed. Having said that, let’s get to the review.


The Experienca La Crema is a firm even packed cigar with initial scents of leather and cocoa. It is triple cap. It has a nice big band with the Micallef crest and “Gomez Sanchez Family 1934” as well. The footband has “Experienca” on it. The bands, like all Micalleff bands, have fantastic colors and embossing that just captures the smokers attention along with whoever else is present. According to their website (https://www.micallefcigars.com/) this cigar is a result of a triple fermentation process that the Gomez Sanchez family supervise. It is characterized as having sweet and spicy taste, lots of smoke, long white ash, and medium strength. The wrapper is 4 year old San Andreas Sumatra. The binder is 4 year old Ecuadorian. The filler is 4 year old Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Panamanian; the cigar is aged for 1 year after being handrolled.


Today I will cutting the cigar with my Cuban Crafters Perfect Cuban Cuter. Upon removal of the footband I see that there is no message inside, but im hoping it will be in the other band like last time. The cap cuts away cleanly with no damage to the shoulder. The initial draw is easy and smooth, and you get a leathery sweet taste. Upon light you get rich leather, spicy/sweet taste, and the finish is very long and spicy.


In the first third of the cigar its burning a little oblong and think its due to the wind. The ash is holding tight like a stack of thin dimes. Just resting in the ash tray it puts off a footsmoke that surrounds you. The mix of the smoke from the cigar and the steam from the coffee is really something that one must experience to appreciate.

Half way through the first third and the burn line has straightened out. The tastes are still the same at this point with that long pepper finish. I’m going to guess that its a black pepper taste that im getting. I don’t know if the La Crema part in the name is supposed to describe the smoke output of the cigar but with every puff of the cigar the smoke is abundant and creamy.


The ash falls off in a big clump as we enter the second third. The spiciness is more upfront, with sweetness coming out more in the finish. The strength still hasn’t been noticeable yet. The footsmoke I’ve noticed has a strong spicy note to it as well. I am by no means implying that this is a pepper bomb, but it is there and enjoyable. The cigar is leaving an oily like feel on my lips as I get further into this review. The ash is still stacking well and holding tight in this section so far. The burn line is still not razor sharp, though still even. I’m beginning to notice that depending on how long you let the cigar rest between draws can effect the sweet and spicy mix as far as what comes up front. If I let it rest a little longer the sweetness is on the front end, but if I do a few double puffs the spiciness is. The pepper is still on that long finish which I am enjoying. Unfortunaly a strong wind came up and blew the ash off, but it did come off in a big clump.


As I enter the final third I’m going to venture to say that the sweetness I’m getting is a fruity kind. The finish is still long and gives your mouth a leather kind of feel that is creamy and enjoyable. The pack is starting to become somewhat soft.

I remove the band and there is the shaking hands symbol I always look forward to finding.

As with all the Micallef cigars I’ve reviewed, I appreciate the construction of the bands; I have yet to have one damage the wrapper when I remove it. I am starting to detect an increase in strength  and the finish is still very long. Surprisingly the flavor mix of sweet and spice is still there and changing with each draw. I would also like to note that I have yet to get a plain tobacco taste. The leather and creamy taste of the smoke is still very prevalent and hasn’t faded once. If you could find a fault (and to me it isn’t one, but to some it matters) the ash tends to fall off easier than with other Miallef cigars I’ve reviewed.


This cigar is like all the Micallef I’ve reviewed, enjoyable and an experience that anyone would welcome. Its been a good performer and the taste profile is truly unique. If nothing else I would suggest you try this at least once to fully appreciate it.

This has been my review of the Micallef Cigar Experienca La Crema, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did smoking it. From mine to yours, happy smoking.

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