Micallef Connecticut by Mark

Name- Connecticut

Size- Robusto 52X5

Wrapper- Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder- Nicaraguan Habano

Filler- Nicaraguan and Dominican

Strength- Medium

Website- http://www.micallefcigars.com


Hello again dear reader. Today’s cigar that I will be reviewing is the Micallef Connecticut in Robusto size. This is another one of the cigars that the folks at Micallef Cigars sent to us. I would like to send a sincere apology to Micallef Cigars for taking so long to get back to doing these reviews. We’ve had snow, ice, wind and tons of rain in this area on top of the holidays and things going on in our personal lives that took us from being able to give these cigars our full attention… until now.


All of that being said, it’s time to get back to reviewing, since I still have a couple of their cigars to review. Expect to see a couple of reviews from Tony Cote who is the original member of Rictus Reviews. Let’s get started.


The cigar has a really light coloring that is commonly seen in Connecticuts. It is a real contrast from the colors used in the label. This one uses orange instead of deep green like the last one I did. It also has a triple cap design.

The website describes the cigar as having notes of cedar and nutmeg.  I’m not really sure if I’m smelling the nutmeg but the cedar is very obvious on the body and even more so on the foot.


For this review I’ll be using my V-cutter. Not really for any particular reason, I just want to mix things up a bit with these reviews, and last time I used my scissor guillotine.  The cut is nice and clean. Not too shallow either.


The draw is very open and I can really taste the cedar I smelled earlier. Let’s see how it smokes.


For this review I’ll be using my new quad-jet torch I had gotten in the mail. I like a quad because it covers a lot of the cigar end while lighting without much effort. As opposed to a single jet that you may have to move it around and then check to see if you missed some of the end.

The light is even and I’m already getting the taste of cedar. Rich and creamy smoke coat the palate like a warm toasty blanket.


The cedar is the prominent taste so far. There is something subtly behind that could be the nutmeg. Perhaps it will present itself more as I progress.

The draw so far is open. More than I was expecting considering I used the V-cutter. I was expecting a little bit of resistance versus if I had used a guillotine.

The main flavor on the palate is the cedar. So far the ash is mottled between light and dark grey.

There is not much foot smoke coming off of it that I can see but there is also a slight breeze. It’s a strong possibility that it is getting blown away. The downside of smoking outside I guess.


A retro hale really brings the cedar out front. My burn line is pretty even but not razor sharp. Even with this being a review I am more than satisfied with how it is handling so far.

Around a quarter of the way and everything is going great. My ash hasn’t let go yet so I’m going to see how long I can get it to hang on.


Also, the Connecticut has been very mellow as far as strength goes. I was expecting that and a touch of sweetness, but I think the cedar might be masking it.

I’m getting pretty close to the label so I’m going to ash before I fool around and ash all over myself, as I am prone to do. The ash comes off and holds together which I take as a good sign.


Since the burn line is getting close I guess I will go ahead and peel the label. This goes on without any problems. The label has the same message on the back that the other labels have had on them as well.



The smoke has been even on the palate. By this I mean that it hasn’t been a shock, nor has it been too lite as to barely get a hint of anything. I think the combination of the Connecticut wrapper with the cedar flavor has been a good decision.

Also since ashing my burn line is still maintaining it’s evenness. Not razor sharp but not out of control wavy to the point of wondering if you would have to touch it up here or there either.


With around two inches left the Connecticut is picking up a bit. The cedar taste is getting stronger as the cigar is getting shorter and warming up.

I have paired this cigar with a cup of coffee and I’m really happy with how things are going. Usually I don’t pair or just drink water so as not to take from the cigar. I may rethink that strategy in the future.


I ashed again since I’m getting close to the end. This ash has held together just like the first one did. The cigar has warmed up a bit but that is expected. Also since I’m getting near the end it was warming up anyway. So not too concerned with that.


Since I’m not one to nub a cigar like Coby, who can nub down to where his fingers are on fire, I think it’s time to set the Connecticut down and finish up my notes inside.


All in all, not bad. I usually don’t smoke cigars with cedar. It’s not a bad taste but I find it is a very hard flavor to work around if there are other flavors I’m trying to pick up on. But that is a personal preference. There are people who really love cedar so I would recommend this be a cigar to try.

I was impressed with how the burn line handled itself. I did not have to rotate while smoking nor did it need any touching up.

I am looking forward to trying the other cigars we have by Micallef to see how they compare. Also we would like to thank the folks at Micallef Cigars for allowing us to do these reviews and for being patient with us while we were experiencing a slow down period.

Until next time dear reader, be safe and stay smokey out there.

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