Experiencia Prominente by Mark

Size- 5 1/2X58

Strength- Medium

Wrapper- 4 year old Nicaraguan Habano

Binder- 4 year old San Andreas Habano

Filler- 4 year old Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Panamanian

Website-  www.micallefcigars.com


Hello again dear reader and thanks for coming and checking us out here at Rictus Reviews. Today’s cigar review is the Experiencia by Micallef Cigars. This smoke is described as having a combination of balanced sweet and spice which sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic smoke.


This cigar has a very dark wrapper which really works with the deep green of the label. We’ve seen this type of design with one of their other cigars which turned out to be a really good smoke. I’m really hoping to get the same out of this one.


It has what appears to be a triple cap design with a earthy barn yard type aroma which I’ve always found pleasing, but that is just a personal reference on my part.


For this review I’ll be using my V-cutter again since it seems that my punch has walked off somewhere… Great.

Given the ring gauge of the cigar it doesn’t fit very well into my cutter. The result is a cut that is not very deep but does allow for air to flow without much resistance.


On the draw I’m getting the earthy tones again, which I expected to get. Let’s see how this thing smokes!


For the light I’ll be using my quad torch for the simple reason that I love the quad jet. So far it has been allowing me to light the foot very evenly without having to put a lot of fire to the cigar that isn’t needed.

Lighting goes without a hitch and we are smoking. Already I’m getting the earthy flavor I smelled earlier. I’m already not impressed with the draw so I grab my cutter and give it a cross cut or X cut. This does help to open up the draw.


As far as strength goes I’m pretty satisfied with this cigar so far. Micallef lists it as a medium and I agree.

There is a slight hint of the spiciness on the finish that for now is subtle. Perhaps it will present itself a bit more as the cigar progresses.

During this review I am pairing with a cup of coffee which is pretty good so far.

The smoke is not very thick or heavy which suprises me a bit, but I’m going to roll with it. My draw is not wide open but is allowing for decent flow.

Right now the ash is mottled with some cracks and the burn line is a bit wavy. Not enough to be concerned though.


Micallef says this smoke should take about an hour and they appear to be right. I was expecting to be a bit further along at this point but I’m not complaining.

After doing a very lite retro hale I pick up on a slight sweetness, but I’m not going to keep doing the retro to get it. Was never a big fan of it, but that’s just me.

I’m not far from the label and the flavors are still going strong. I had considered ashing but would also like to see if I can make it to the label without ashing on myself.


There is a spot on my burn line that is starting to make a point but the rest of it is burning nice and even. Well, fairly even. Enough that if this wasn’t a review I doubt I’d notice.

So I finally bump my ash and it comes off in one piece and solid. The cigar warms up a bit but that is to be expected since I just ashed.

I have noticed that the flow has opened up a bit as well. Given how close I am I decide to peel the label while I’m here. This goes without any problems and the back has the same message that all the others have had on them.



During this whole time there has not been a lot of foot smoke coming off of the cigar.  As new ash has formed the cigar is cooling down and the draw is still good.

So far the sweet hasn’t been as visible as the spice has. Coupled with the earthy flavor though it hasn’t been a big deal for me.

Just for the heck of it I ash again. Getting a bit close to the end and haven’t ashed on myself for a while so I don’t want to jinx it now.

Given that I’m in the last two inches the cigar has really kicked it up a notch and the spice is coming across stronger.

While I have reached my usual cut off point, which around and inch to an inch and a half, I decide it’s time to set the cigar down and finish my notes inside.


The Experiencia Prominente was a very enjoyable cigar. Bit of a bigger ring gauge than I usually smoke, but it was still good. The people at Micallef have put out a good cigar and I highly recommend it.

Don’t take my word for it! Get your hands on one and try it for yourself and form your own opinion. Every palate is different after all.

Thanks for stopping by and as always dear reader. Be safe and stay smokey out there.

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