Yellow Rose by Crowned Heads

Wrapper- Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder-  Nicaraguan

Filler- Nicaraguan

Price- $9.99 per stick

Strength- Medium to Full

Length- 6.25

Ring- 54

Purchased from-


Hello again dear reader and welcome back. Today’s cigar, The Yellow Rose by Crowned Heads, is going to be new for me for several reasons. First, this is a cigar I haven’t tried before. Second, it’s made by a company that I haven’t tried before. Third, I got it from a shop I haven’t bought from nor set foot in before. Fourth, two guys who I’ve never met paid for it and sent it to me. All of these are reason enough for me to be excited about this review, but the last one really hits home. Bear with me while I work through them.

The Yellow Rose is a Texas exclusive cigar made by Crowned Heads cigar company. Crowned Heads is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. It has come to my attention that the first shop in Texas to carry The Yellow Rose was Underground Cigars in Fort Worth, Texas. If you’ve never heard of Underground Cigars then pull up a seat real quick.

HOLY COW!! You’re not going to find mainstream cigars on these shelves. It’s all going to be short batch or limited release smokes. You’re just as likely to bump into Fred Rewey of Nomad Cigars or James Brown of BLTC or Mike Bellody of MLB Cigars, as bumping into your neighbor. These are just a few big names that frequent the establishment.

A couple of months ago I was cruising through the posts on the UG Facebook page when one of the members, Michael Wright, who is also a fellow Navy Vet, asked if there where any members who had not tried The Yellow Rose yet. I mentioned that I had not tried it yet and went back to scrolling through the different conversations. Later, one of the founding partners of Underground Cigars, Don Wiggins, asked me for my address and a couple of days later I received in the mail three cigars. Two of which were The Yellow Rose cigar. It turned out Michael paid for these cigars and had Don send them to me. This meant a lot to me, so I decided to let my Yellow Rose get some rest in my humidor before doing this review.


The Yellow Rose comes with a yellow cloth band on the foot. It’s Broadleaf wrapper has a dark look that gives one the impression of being rich and full. The seam and veins are visible without standing out. This one has an almost box press design with the corners slightly rounded.

As far as aroma goes, I’m picking up a slightly sweet smell with a sort of hay tone going on. Hopefully the pre-light draw will bring the flavors out a bit more.


For this review I’ll be using my V-cutter. Normally, I would use a guillotine on a cigar with a pointed end like this. But I figured I’d notch it instead.


The notch isn’t very deep but does allow for a decent amount of flow. On the draw I’m getting a very subtle sweet flavor that’s working with the earthiness. This is going hand in hand with the aroma I was getting earlier.


For this review I will be using my quad jet torch I got in the mail. I like the quad because it covers a lot of area evenly without having to hold flame to it and move it around which sometimes causes me to have an uneven light.

Off comes the foot band and time for fire. Lighting goes without any issues and I’m already seeing how this could be called a medium to full cigar.


The rich earthy taste is very prominent as one would expect with the aroma. So far the ash is a very light grey and solid. The smoke itself is very thick and even if you take a half draw it still covers the palate with it’s full flavor.

On the finish there is still that subtle flavor I can’t quiet put my finger on. I also picked up on it with a retro but it’s hard to put a name to it. It’s enough to know it’s there for now. Perhaps it will come to me later.

So far my burn line has been fairly even. Not razor sharp but if this wasn’t a review I doubt I’d notice it.

Between draws I notice that there is not a lot of foot smoke coming off the cigar. Given that I used the V cutter there is still decent flow without being wide open.


At almost a quarter of the way in I decide to ash. Not that it needs it but I’m not a fan of ashing all over myself as I have been known to do just that in the past.

Even with over a one foot drop onto the cement the ash pretty much holds together. The cigar is warming up a bit but that is to be expected while new ash is forming.

I started to wonder if the draw was in relation to the v cut or if it was the cigar being rolled tight. I got my guillotine and trimmed to top off and the draw went from decent to wide open and free flowing. So that one is on me. I just wanted to make sure.


Around half way I decide to ash again. Since cutting it differently than in the beginning I notice that the cigar is also smoking faster than when I started.

The rich earthy tone has been full all the way. Personally, I love it. Earthiness has always been one of my favorite flavors simply because it takes me back to my youth working on my grandfather’s farm back when he was still alive. Working in the barn was always my most memorable time versus having to clear fence rows or splitting firewood or things like that.


A lot of what I get from smoking cigars has been about associating a taste or flavor with a memory. Of course this is supposed to be with another flavor to associate the tastes of the cigar but ya know what? It’s my cigar and my smoking experience. So I tend to stroll down memory lane when I smoke alone.


I’m getting pretty close to my stopping point so it’s almost time to set it down and wrap things up inside.


I have to say that Crowned Heads has put out an excellent cigar. The Yellow Rose did not disappoint in any way. Flavor wise it was impressive. Mechanically the cigar smoked and handled wonderfully as well. Strength was almost accurately described in that I would almost call this a full strength cigar instead of a medium to full.

Again, I would like to thank Michael Wright for having Don Wiggins at Underground Cigars send this to me to try out. Having done so, I now need to get my hands on the other two state exclusive cigars that Crowned Heads makes and see how they compare. The one for Tennessee and the one for Hawaii. I will bring it up to the guys and order from Underground and working our way through their selection of brands since they carry an impressive line up of cigars.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed smoking and writing about it. As always dear reader, be safe and stay smokey out there.

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