Ringo by Mark

Wrapper- Cuban Seed Ecuadorian Habano

Binder- Cuban Seed Ecuadorian Habano

Filler- Nicaragua ( Jalapa & Esteli Blend) & Pennsylvania Braodleaf

Price- $7.75

Website- smokesignalsaz.com


Hello again dear reader. Thanks for stopping by. Today’s cigar is the Ringo by Smoke Signals of Tombstone in Arizona. I came across them in my usual fashion, scrolling around on cigar pages on Facebook. After looking at their website and seeing some of their personal cigars I said we have to try them.

The Ringo is one of four cigars that are made for the folks at Smoke Signals. There is also the Wyatt, Doc and Curly Bill. Tombstone also has tons of local history with the OK Corral shootout. Movies have been made starring too many famous actors and actresses to list here regarding the area and period of time.

As anyone who has read any of my reviews knows, I like to make it a personal experience. Having the chance to smoke a cigar is a moment that means a lot to me. From having the private time, to savoring the flavors, to enjoying the mellow feeling afterwards. Having the opportunity to share with you has profound meaning and I try to convey it in my writing.

The folks at Smoke Signals were very helpful while I was looking into the cigars for Rictus to see if it was something to tackle. Obviously I liked what I saw and heard enough to make a couple of purchases, and here we are. When I made my purchases Smoke Signals was nice enough to throw in some patches as well as some matches.


I would also like to take a moment to introduce a friend of mine. I’ve known Barbara Valentine for a couple of years after we had met on a game site and stayed friends afterwards. She and her family live WAYYY over in Scotland and I’ve gotten to know her daughter Sam as well as getting to watch her grandson grow over the years.


I’m gonna put a pin in that for now and get back to the cigar.


The first thing about the Ringo that jumps out at me is the label. It sports a picture of Johnny Ringo in black and white. There is also the name of Smoke Signals of Tombstone underneath. The label itself is blue and trimmed in gold.

The Ringo appears to have a double cap design. The body looks like a Connecticut colored tone. Veins and seams are not very bold nor do they stand out much.

As far as aromas go the Ringo has a very nice woody scent to it. Not as much on the body but plenty on the foot. This is not unusual on cigars since the foot is open.


For this review I’ll be using a punch that one of my friends got for me recently. It’s not a name brand one but it serves it’s purpose which is good enough for me.

Barbara was already a grandmother when I met her, but I was able to get to know and also become friends with her and her daughter Sam as well. I’ve always enjoyed the video clips they would post because I’ve always enjoyed listening to them talk with their accent.

Punching goes well and the cap is not cracked. The draw is open and already the woody taste is coming through.


Today I’ll be using the matches that the shop sent to me with the cigars. I like matches but only use them when the weather agrees since I’m not a fan of wasting them.

Lighting does not go too badly and it only takes me two matches to make it happen.

The draw is nice and even and I’m already getting some of the woody flavor.

So far the ash is almost solid white. My burn line isn’t too even but there is plenty of cigar for it to even out. Plus using two matches meant that I didn’t have an even light while putting a bit more flame on some than on other parts of the foot.


I will say that there does not seem to be a lot of flavors added to the cigar. I’ve had some like this before where the cigar leans primarily on the flavor of the leaf by itself. Not a bad thing. Sort of like back to basics, or keeping it simple approach depending on your way of thinking.

Almost a quarter of the way in and it’s still going well. The ash has stayed solid white while my burn line has a bit of a lean to it. All things considered I think it’s going well.

I decide to bump my ash off so that it doesn’t break off all over me. The ash comes off in a solid piece which is a good sign of construction. Not that it really would have mattered to me personally if it had crumbled of shattered.


The Ringo has warmed up a bit, which is totally expected, while new ash is forming. It should cool off in a bit when the air is not directly in contact with the tobacco on the burn line.


While this is going on the wife wants to come out and take a couple of puffs. I always thought this was kind of sexy since she isn’t really much of a smoker.

A couple of months ago Barbara messaged me and told me she was not well and wanted to let me know she hadn’t been ignoring me, but was busy with things going on over there. So if I needed to get in touch with her I could send word through Sam or just wait till she could back online.


Already I am just past the half way point but want to go a bit further before I ash again. When the wife tried it she said that she kind of liked it, which almost meant that I just lost the cigar I was trying to review.

When the ash is about an inch long and getting close to the label I decide to go ahead and ash again. Like earlier this ash held together and came off in one chunk.


I’ll also take this moment to peel the label since the glue should be warming up as the burn line is getting close.


Sam has reached out to me several times to let me know that her and her brothers had taken Barbara on a trip to one place or another and that they were having a great time while on the road and seeing the sights.

Luckily peeling off the label goes without any issues and I keep on smoking.  New ash has formed but with so little of the cigar actually left I doubt it’s going to cool back down very much.


All through the cigar there has been a subtle taste in the background that has given it a bit of bite. This flavor has come forward as the cigar has really warmed up towards the end.

Getting around my normal stopping point I decide to set the Ringo down and go inside to finish up my notes.


The Ringo by Smoke Signals of Tombstone has been a pretty good smoke all in all. It had a back to basics taste that was nice. The folks at Smoke Signals were pleasant to talk to while getting some of the information regarding the cigar. For a house stick and for that price I wasn’t disappointed. The tartness near the end was not enough to deter me personally. We will see how the others compare since we still have three others of theirs to try out.

Sam had messaged me the other day to inform me that the chemo has failed and they were bringing Bardara home to be around family. A couple of days after that she notified me that my friend passed away quietly in her sleep the night before. I am relieved that my friend no longer suffers, but am also saddened that she is gone. The world just became a little bit darker and a little bit colder.


I may take a bit of a break for a bit to mourn the loss of my dear friend. The other guys of Rictus can handle the load till I return, but I will be back as soon as I can be.

Till then dear reader stay smokey and be safe out there.


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