Good morning readers. Today I will be reviewing the Micallef Leyenda #1. Our partner, Mark got in contact with Micallef cigars some time back and they were kind enough to send us some very fine cigars to review. For a brief background on me, I’m a full time patrol deputy for our local parish […]


Jacoub’s Gold

INTRO- Hello again. Glad you could make it. Today’s cigar is one of Jacoub Guirguis’s Gold Series Cigars. If you had the chance to read the last several reviews we have done for Jacoub then you would know they was from his Regular Series. The Regular Series has about five years age on them whereas […]

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Jacoub’s Corojo

Size- Robusto Wrapper- Corojo Site- Jacoubscigars.com Price- INTRO- For those of you who have been following our group, this is the final review we have to do for Jacoub Guirguis, owner of Jacoub’s Cigar and Tobacco, who also has his own line of cigars. His line is made up of two types; first, his Regular […]

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Jacoub’s Connecticut

INTRO- Hello again. If you have read the other reviews for Jacoub’s then you already know how me and Mr Guirguis met. You will also know how that we are doing a couple of reviews for his line of cigars. If not, then feel free to check out the earlier reviews we did on the […]

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